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Membership levels

There are 2 levels of membership at

BASIC MEMBERSHIP is, as it sounds, absolutely basic. It comes with keyword/geographic resume searching, free job postings, a means to manage resumes and job postings, and more... We intend to keep a level of BASIC MEMBERSHIP for years to come.

PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP provides the highest member privileges. It comes with all the privileges enjoyed by BASIC MEMBERS, and adds higher job search ranking than BASIC and ADVANCED postings, and ability to redirect applicants to company's own online application page.

In addition, ability to view any Candidates email and phone number in order to contact them directly.

Post your company web site url.

We also, provide options to send unlimited number of emails, adding, connecting with and offering jobs directly to candidates and many other benefits.

Please follow the link below to join as a Professional Advanced Recruiter:

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Number of Users and Rates.

The number of users for a Basic Member is only one user. The rate per user for Premium Membership is in US$ per year.

We understand that big companies may have different offices in different locations. We suggest 1 account with multiple users per office.


Keyword Search

Allows you to find resumes which contain the keywords you entered for the search. Examples of keyword/s include "Siebel", "Oracle", "CRM", "ERP", "Project Manager", etc. You must select the location where you want to find such resumes. Available to all memebers.

Advance Search

Use this for more detailed or 'filtered' resume searches. You can specify criteria such as City, Education, Title, Industry, Experience, Salary, etc., to yield more qualified resumes. Only paid members (Basic and Premium) have access to the Advance Search.

Search Results Limit

Free members can only view a maximum of 50 resumes per search, even if the database contains more matches for that particular search. Basic members can retrieve a maximum of 250 matches and 500 matches for Premium members.

Resume Alerts Limit

This is the maximum number of active Resume Alerts a member can have. Free members can have up to 1, while paid members can have up to 10.

To upgrade your account please see the "UPGRADE PROCEDURE" section below.


Search Rank

Job search results are ranked first by the membership level, then by date posted. It means that all Premium postings will be ranked higher than Free postings. All Free postings will be displayed after paid postings and sorted by date posted in descending order.

Maximum Number of Characters

The maximum number of characters for a FREE members's job description field is 1,500, while the number for FREE, and PREMIUM members is 4000. The job description field is important as it provides the space for keywords which makes your job posting searchable to the candidates. The more keywords each job has, the greater chance it can be found.

Location Submit

For Location Submit, a free member is allowed to post their job listing to only one (1) location while Premium Members' job listings in two (2) or more locations.


Job listings of Free members expires after 2 months. Expiration for PREMIUM will be extended up to 6 months and can be extended based on your communication with us.

Number of Jobs Included and Rates.

The number of concurrent job posting allowed for a Free Member is currently 3, but it may decrease to 1 or increase to 10 depending on usage. The "concurrent" job limit means the maximum number of jobs the system will allow you to post at any given moment. Thus if you have a concurrent limit of 10, you can expire and add new jobs as many times in a month as you wish, but you will not be able to post more than 10 active jobs.

The Free membership varies from 1 to 10 job postings because our system adjusts the number based on usage. Generally, those who post more, get more.


Contacts Per Month

Free Members are allowed to contact or send a message to potential candidates up to 1 times a year. Once Free Members reach the limit, they cannot send a message/job to any candidates for the remainder of the current year. They will have to upgrade to Premium Members can make unlimited number of contacts per month.

To upgrade your account please see the "UPGRADE PROCEDURE" section below.

Homepage Link

Premium Members Members are granted the special feature of having their company's URL linked on their company profile.

Applicant Redirection

Premium members have the additional feature of redirecting applicants to the member's own web site application process form.

Premium members have the additional feature of blasting their job posting to Facebook, and Twitter by notifying additional applicants to the member's jobs and own web site application process form.


To cancel your Upgraded Membership, simply notify us your desire to cancel at least 5 work days before the start of the next billing period. You can contact us by using our Contact FORM or send email to: Support at


For more details regarding membership upgrades and payments, please contact us by using our Contact FORM.

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