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Resume of Siebel Mngr(Consultant) from Holiday United States - Florida

MLL's Resume (Mngr )

 General Information
Screen Name    MLL
City    Holiday, 34691 Map It!
Home Location    United States - Florida
 Special Skills
Skills Knowledge Experience Used Last Used For Confirmed
Siebel Intermediate 3-4 years 2010 Work Not Yet
Siebel Intermediate 3-4 years 2010 Work Not Yet
IT Developer Intermediate 3-4 years Work Not Yet
Total Experience    Between 3-5 years
Current or Last Company: ACCENTURE
Industry    Consulting
Title    Mngr(Consultant)
Level/Rank    Mid-Career (2+ yrs experience)
 Desired Job
Job Type    Consultant(Consultant(Consultant) -Any)
Industry    Consulting
Travel Willingness    Any
Preferred Location    USA
 Desired Compensation
Desired Salary  FLEXIBLE
Additional Comp  n/a
Benefits  n/a
Highest Education  Undergraduate Degree
Awards  n/a
School  Ahl
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