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 To log in, type your e-mail address and password during registration at CRMJobs.NET.

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"Login issues."

There are two main reasons why someone cannot login.

Reason#1 - Cookies are not enabled.

"Create a new Account."

Click New Resume

"Can I create more than one (1) account?"

You may create more than one account, but each account must have a different
email address entered because CRMJobs.NET

system will only accept e-mails that have not been registered yet.

"Change my username or e-mail."

Click Email /Password under the administration tools.

"Change my password."

To change password, In administration tools. Please enter your current
password to enable the changes. Then enter new password and confirm it.

"Forgot my password"

To retrieve your password, simply visit Forgot Password and enter the
email you registered with.

You will immediately be emailed your login information.

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Find me a Job!

"How do I look for a job?"

CRMJobs.NET offers a few ways to search for your new job on-line.

JOB SEARCH is for those who know exactly what kind of job they are looking for.
Type in keywords that describe your job preferences

BROWSE JOB is an easy to use search.

COMPANY PROFILE The company's profile will be displayed along with the number of jobs that
company has posted in CRMJobs.NET.

Click "view all" to see all the active job postings of the company.

Search Tip: Use specific keywords.

"I get wrong words"

"Who can view my resume?" / "How will recruiters find my resume?"

Under the Administration tools, the Privacy Options give you control how confidential or how viewable
your resume you would like it to be.

You are given instructions on this page how to adjust your preferences who to block or how to let your
resume be viewable accordingly.

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" How do I monitor statistics of my resume being viewed by employers?"

The link Statistics, under Administration tools will help you monitor your Resume Statistics.

It will show you how many times your resume has been searched and viewed, as well as the number of
jobs applied to and job offers received.

You can click on the Reset button to reset all statistics back to zero.

"How do I apply for a job"

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" How will I know about the company Im interested in?"

Click on the link Company Profile. Type the Company name you wish to check for profile in the
field name "Company".

It will lead you to the search result page that may contain the company you are exactly looking for.
Click on the company name to view their profile.

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Job Alerts

Too busy to search? Let CRMJobs.NET do the work for you. Just tell us what your ideal job is,

and we will automatically notify you when new jobs match your criteria.
(Registered users? Click here! Not registered? Click here!)

"How do I activate Job Alerts to automatically receive suitable jobs by email?"

Once you are registered in CRMJobs.NET, all you have to do is login, click on the
"Jobs Alert" link,

select the criteria for your ideal job, and submit. That's all. You can create up to
3 different alerts.

"How do I edit an existing Job Alert?"

For better matches, you can change the criteria of a Job Alert. To do so, login,
click on the "Jobs Alert" link,

click the "Edit" link for the Job Alert you want to edit, and click on the "Update" button.

"How do I delete a Job Alert"

To stop receiving the results of your Job Alert, simply login, click on the "Jobs Alert" link,
click the "Delete"

link for the Job Alert you want to stop, and confirm the deletion.


Help me with my Resume!

"What is a cover letter?"

COVER LETTER is the prospective employer's It is a one page document that goes with your
resume that contains introduction of

yourself, the job you are applying, contact information.

These bars are referred to as the Status Bars. The Status Bars on your Home Page helps you
complete your Online Resume.

The fields that count towards a complete resume are the ones employers are most interested in.
The blue bar marks these fields.

When you have a 100% completed resume the "status" bars will disappear from your Home Page.

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"What does the red font and blue stars on some asked data mean?"

.(See blue and bar graph info.)

"How do I create an on-line resume?"

Creating an online resume is very easy. Just go to Resume Online under Resume tools.

Click the button "Public" and it will give you a URL that links directly to your resume
which you can

use for your own distribution or publication.

"How do I fix the formatting of my resume?

Resume allowed limit is 8000 characters maximum.
There is no default format for the resume on-line.

A suggestion of wisely using comma's, semicolons,
spaces and capitalizations are recommended.

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"I want to add more skills other than the 3 form fields
made available by CRMJobs.NET."

CRMJobs.NET gives job seekers a maximum of 3
searchable skills only.

"Can I set the availability of my
resume on a certain date?"

"Can I block certain companies (like my employer)
from seeing my resume?"

Certainly! Click on the link "Privacy Options" under Administration tools.
Enter the names or

subset of words of the companies you want to block.

Companies that are blocked will not be able to see your resume.
For example, "acme" will block "

Acme Company" and "AcmeTech Co."

If you do not want your current employer to know that you are
looking for another job, it is highly

recommended that you block them.

"How do I control my contact information?"

You are given various ways of controlling your contact information.
Go to the "Privacy Option"

link under the Administration tools, and find the

"Contact Information Control" and "Contact Method".
By default all your contact information is hidden.

You can control personally identifiable information by
manipulating the items you

want visible and the contact method you prefer.

"How do I hide my resume or keep it from being seen?"

If you want to hide your resume, or rather, make your resume
inaccessible to anyone searching the

CRMJobs.NET resume database, follow these steps.

Log into your account, click on the "Privacy Options" link under the
Administration Tools, look for the
"Confidentiality" section,

select the "Privacy" option, and scroll down and press the
Submit button. By the way,

employers with whom you sent your resume to will still be
able to view your resume,
since you have given them permission.

All others will be unable to view your resume.



JOBS RECEIVED is a special feature of CRMJobs.NET where job
offers from recruiters are saved.

Recruiter members of CRMJobs.NET may have seen your resume
online or thru Resume
Searches and have deemed you qualified

for the particular job position sent to you. You can check out your
Statitistics under the
Administration tool to see evaluation of

how many times your resume has been viewed by a recruiter.

SAVED JOBS is where the jobs postings you have saved while
doing your job searches are filed.

You can retrieve, review these job postings again by visiting your
Saved Jobs.

STATISTICS is a compilation of statistical data regarding your
Resume Searches, Resume Views,

Jobs Received and Jobs Applied To for the purpose of evaluating
your status in the job market online.

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PRIVACY OPTIONS allows you to control the level of privacy for your resume.

You can choose which of your contact information is displayed,

whether or not recruiters or employers can view your resume,
and even block certain companies from
accessing your resume.

VIEW RESUME contains the same page information that will be
revealed to recruiters/employers

when your resume is found thru CRMJobs.NET candidate searches.

SEND RESUME is a special feature of CRMJobs.NET where your resume is automatically
attached as text to be sent to the e-mail

address you would specify. A form is made available should you wish to add an optional
message or cover letter with your resume.

RESUME ONLINE Should you opt to have your resume in public viewing,

you will be given a URL that links directly to your resume online

which you can use for your own distribution or publication



"How do I stop receiving the newsletters?"

To stop receiving the monthly newsletters, log into your account, click on the

"Privacy Option" link, scroll down until you see the section for "Newsletters & Email Updates",
select the "No - do not send" option,

and press the "Submit" button. Or you can Click Here and submit your e-mail.

"How do I delete my resume account?"

If you no longer have any use for your CRMJobs.NET resume account, simply

Click Here and let us know. with the subject line "Delete My Resume Account".

Include in your message, the email of the account to be deleted. We can only proceed
with the removal if the message was sent from

the same email account as the one referenced for removal.

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